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This is me.. simply Sara. 


My passion for flowers takes me here, following my dream... Love and flower lover, I would have never found bigger joy than creating Wedding productions. 

I'm the Samsaja Wedding Flowers director and producer.

My company is located in Tuscany, in the wonderful Pescia area, historically cultural for flowers cultivation. 

My mother Alma passed me down to all my knowing, art and passion for flowers. 

Alma joines me in every project and she is an active Samsaja Wedding Flowers coworker. 


Samsaja Wedding Flowers is a project dedicated to floral wedding productions.


We try to make your thoughts real, through our knowing and creativity. 


All begins from your important thoughts. 


Every bride has a precise idea of what she wishes for her special day. 


Details attention is our foundation work point. 


Every creation has to reflect our company for three basics:


Harmony, Elegance and Freshness. 


These words represent the flowers natural beauty. 


Flowers are not only work instruments for us. 

Flowers are beauty and perfume. 


We create with them and they give us their shades to make our most important moments pure magical. 


Samsaja Wedding Flowers takes care also of ceremonies and events. 


We can take care not only of the floral aspects, but also in locations, catering and photographers research.


You can find all you need with us.

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